Cel-Fi GO Mobile

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The world’s first All-in-One Cellular Coverage Solution for both indoor/outdoor in Stationary and Mobile applications.

Over the Air (OTA) software updates will be available to expand existing bands to 5G network changes.


The Cel-Fi GO/GO+ Smart Signal Booster line is the first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to feature an industry leading system gain. Artificial intelligence and Nextivity’s award-winning Intelliboost signal processing deliver the industry’s best voice and data wireless performance. It’s guaranteed to be unconditionally network safe and does not interfere with other wireless devices. Cel-Fi GO is NEMA 4 rated and will withstand harsh conditions including dust and water exposure.

Mobile Mode: Industry Leading Gain

Up to 100 dB (depending on region) gain. This is over 1000 times stronger than any competitor. Nextivity’s award-winning Intelliboost signal processing leverages artificial intelligence to deliver for mobile subscribers on the move.

Stationary Mode: Industry Leading Gain

Up to 100 dB globally (1000x), delivering the industry’s best voice and data wireless performance and the industry’s largest coverage footprint.

Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4 Rating

Industrially designed for harsh conditions, enables the device to support weather conditions that include water, dust and dirt.

Multi-Carrier Support with Carrier Switching

Select your network operator/carrier from the Cel-Fi WAVE app.


Flexibility at your fingertips

Operator Switching

Selecting your network operator is easy. Just download the Cel-Fi WAVE app and select your Mobile Network Operator/Carrier from the Settings page.

Mode Switching

Switch between Mobile and Stationary is also done through the Cel-Fi WAVE app. Simply connect to your booster and select the Mode from the Settings page.

Tech Specs


Band 2/4/5/12/13
Band 1/3/5/7/8/20

6 front-end receivers that relays 2 bands concurrently.

Physical Specifications

272.5mm x 96.5mm x 43.25mm

System Gain

Up to 100 dB Gain

Model Numbers


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