Spectre X RTF Electric Quadcopter Drone w/2.4GHz Radio

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The Spectre X - Small in Size. Big on Video!

The Ares Spectre X is the ideal platform for budget-minded customers in the market for a micro-size quad to take quality photos and video. The small size of the Spectre X makes it easier to fly in indoor spaces than other quads on the market. In addition, the 6-axis control system gives it the steady control you need to get quality videos and photos in tighter spaces not possible with larger quads. Plus, the flight software in the Spectre X is designed specifically for videography and photography use, so you can eliminate sudden movements that sometimes make flight videos a challenge to watch.  

A camera that films both high quality 680x480 video and clear still photography comes pre-installed on the Spectre X. The package also includes a high-speed micro memory card and a USB card reader so everything you need to take, record, and view video is in the box. Plus, a First Person View (FPV) package that allows you to watch and record live video via your smartphone is available to purchase separately.

In addition to all these benefits, the Spectre X comes in your choice of two bright fluorescent trim schemes that provide for easy orientation and great daytime visibility, plus integrated, extra bright LED lights help make it easy to fly in the dark.  And if you just want to fly the Spectre X for fun, you’ll also able to complete 360-degree flips in any direction or take off the camera (to reduce weight) and fly on high rates for the kind of performance that will impress your flying friends.

The Spectre X is RTF (Ready-To-Fly), so it arrives 100% factory-assembled; everything needed to fly and take video and photos is included in the box. Along with the airframe and camera, you get a 2.4GHz standard-size 4-channel transmitter (with 2 additional channels to control the camera), a 700mAh 1-cell 15C LiPo battery, a USB charger for convenient charging, and even the AA batteries needed to power up the transmitter. With nothing extra to buy, you can begin taking quality videos and photos within minutes of opening the box!

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