DIGITECH Analogue Multimeter

DIGITECH Analogue Multimeter

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Digital multimeters have almost completely taken over but there are those who prefer to use the old analogue meter - it's still the best way to test a capacitor. This well-made meter has audible continuity in addition to the normal set of functions.

- Holster included
- Audible continuity

- Display Analogue
- Security class Cat II 1000V
- Basic DCV accuracy 3%
- DC voltage 100mV 500mV 2.5V 10V 50V 250V 1000V (+-3%)
- AC voltage 10V 50V 250V 1000V (+-4%)
- DC current 50µA 2.5mA 25mA 250mA (+-3%)
- Resistance 2k 20k 200k 2M 20M (+-3%)
- Input impedance 10M
- Special features dB continuity buzzer
- Dimensions 150(L) x 100(W) x 35(D)mm

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