Gaffer Tape - 25M

Gaffer Tape - 25M

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  • Description
    This is not your cheap plastic stuff. It is the genuine cloth backed tape that you can split with your thumbnail. This waterproof tape is black in colour
  • low sheen and is the industry standard 48mm wide.Commonly called 100 Mile an hour tape
  • or gaffertape
  • it was originally developed for the air conditioning industry.- It is very adhesive and very strong.- Ideal for taping down leads on stage- Repairing flexible duct work- Other PA- Holding things together in general. A must in every toolbox!- 25 metre roll.

    - Type : Gaffer
    - Colour : Black
    - Roll Length : 25m
    - Tape width : 48mm

    - Packaged Volume : 0.71875L
  • 0.71875l
    - Packaged Weight : 0.457333333kg
    - Packaged Length : 12.5cm
    - Packaged Width : 12.5cm
    - Packaged Height : 4.6cm

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