Duinotech Arduino Compatible UNO Starter Kit

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This kit includes all the essentials to get you started in the exciting world of Arduino. The kit includes the Arduino-compatible UNO board, which is one of the best boards to learn about first, along with a breadboard and plenty of prototyping accessories. Components include LEDs, resistors, switches, a potentiometer, a buzzer, a motor with fan, which can make any of the five projects described in the printed user manual, and for other projects you can find online. A generous amount of coloured jumper wires are also supplied. The kit makes the perfect gift for a young electronics enthusiast or maker in the making.

A comprehensive guide to getting started with the kit can be found on our GitHub page here

Box Contents:
1 x Duinotech UNO Arduino-Compatible Board
1 x USB Cable
1 x Breadboard
5 x 5mm Red LED
5 x 5mm Yellow LED
5 x 5mm Green LED
4 x Tactile Switches
1 x Buzzer Module
1 x 16mm Potentiometer
10 x Resistors 
1 x DC Motor with Fan 
1 x Pack of Jumper Leads

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