Lenoxx White Noise / Dream Machine

Lenoxx White Noise / Dream Machine

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Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Do your prefer some background noise while lying in bed or lounging around the house? Our Dream Machine will help put you and your little ones to sleep every night and for every nap.

Perfect for young children and infants sound machines can assist with blocking out household sounds such as other siblings traffic or general noise inside the home. The white noise or soothing sounds then help them relax and fall asleep quicker and stay asleep because it occupies the brain and deters any outside noises or disturbances.

This Dream Machine comes in a sleek black colour and features multiple soothing sounds to help you feel relaxed so you can get straight to a good night's rest. It has a 30 60 or 90 minute timer button or can play continuously and has a full volume control knob. Choose from white noise, howling, wind thunderstorm, ocean wave, rainforest, summer night or lullaby sounds at the simple press of a button on the front face of the product.

The Dream Machine comes pre-packaged with a USB power cable and power adaptor
so you can operate the sound machine from any USB source. The additional USB port can charge your smartphones tablets and other small devices as you lay in a peaceful bliss. The backside of the product also features a headphone jack so you can enjoy the Dream Machine' s soothing sounds without any interferences or distractions by completely blocking out background noises.

This lightweight sound machine will be your companion every night and every nap perfect for children and adults of all ages.

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