Motion Drone with Gravity Sensor

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This motion drone includes a wrist-mounted remote to control its direction with a wave of your hand! To take-off, simply press the finger mounted button and your drone will automatically fly to about 1.2m off the floor. Thanks to the built-in gravity sensor, the drone will hover waiting for your wrist gestures or perform 360° flips using the finger button. Press the main button on the wrist remote for a soft landing. Enable the 360° infrared obstacle avoidance mode to avoid bumping into walls or to change the drone’s direction by holding your hand in front of it. LEDs are also built into the rotor surrounds to add to the excitement. The drone can be controlled up to 30m away and has a fly time of up to 6 minutes before recharge. The wrist remote can also be charged using the supplied USB charging cable. Recommended for ages 14+.

• 2.4GHz
• Gravity sensor
• Obstacle avoidance
• Altitude hold
• 360° rolling
• Gyroscope
• LED lights
• One button start/stop

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