Powertech Portable 155W Power Centre with 100W Inverter and Digital Display

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This powerful but lightweight multi-function power station is designed to power 12V, USB, or mains powered devices and provide lighting when you are away from mains power. Perfect for camping or during a power blackout. The internal high capacity 11.1V 14Ah Li-ion battery provides up to 155Wh of battery power (equivalent to a 42Ah portable USB power bank). A built-in 100W (150W peak) modified sinewave inverter is enough to power small tools, shavers, and laptop power supplies, for example. 12VDC ports enable you to power 12V lights, air compressors, etc., and Smartphones, Tablets, and other USB devices can be charged from the 2 x 2.1A USB Ports and USB-C Qualcomm™ QuickCharge® 3.0 port (total 3.5A max. shared). The LED light panel provides enough light for reading, and the ultra-bright LED torch features a flashing mode to draw attention in an emergency. An LCD screen indicates power levels. To charge, simply connect a 12V solar panel (not included) and the built-in MPPT charger will ensure an efficient charge. Alternatively, use the mains adaptor or in-car chargers provided. Safety features include short-circuit, overload, and over-temperature protection.

Battery: 11.1V 14Ah Li-ion (155Wh) built-in
Output: Inverter: 1 x 240VAC @ 100W (150W peak)
12VDC: 3 x 12V ports (150W peak)
USB: 2 x 2.1A Type-A 1 x Qualcomm™ QuickCharge® 3.0 3.5A max. shared