Waterproof Floating Handheld 3W UHF Radio

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A robust floating transceiver suitable for professional or recreational use. A 10km line-of-sight range will allow you to keep in contact over large distances and IP67 rating means it can be submersed in up to 1m of water. Battery power can be conserved by switching to the low setting (500mW) for local communications around base camp. Includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a charging cradle and power supply. There are 75 voice channels and the CTCSS system reduces interference from users on other channels. Great for camping, off-road race crews, roadies, people who work at large sporting venues, and more.


• CTCSS function
• Hi/Lo power output
• Auto squelch function
• Low battery display
• Backlit LCD
• Roger tone
• Stop watch

UHF CB radio - What you need to know

A few things to note are the channel allocation. Channels 5 & 35 are reserved for emergency only, and misuse of these channels carries hefty fines or jail time. Besides these, the truckies use channel 40, 18 is the caravan and campers channel. Channels 1-8 and 31-38 are for repeater use, the latest standard states that 41 – 48 and 71 -78 may also become available for repeater operation to supplement the other repeater channels. Presently speech telephony is inhibited on channels 22 and 23 (i.e. data only). Channels 61, 62, and 63 are currently are not activated on all UHF units until approved by the ACMA at sometime in the future.